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The typical b2b sales cycle consists of the following stages: prospect, contact, compatibility and analysis, pitch and propose, negotiation, closing, nurturing/ongoing engagement. To achieve as much success as possible with your sales prospects you’ll need bespoke tools at your disposal and there are many different options available to you.
Any tool should be built with the buyer’s journey in mind, from awareness of their need for a sales tool, to consideration of the different available approaches that can meet their needs, to deciding on the solution strategy they would like to purchase.
In addition to this, it should also consider the integrity and expertise of the sales team by ensuring that their onboarding and training is as efficient as possible. A valuable aspect of a sales tool is that it can present a great opportunity to create a more streamlined and effective training and learning platform for your salespeople, by refining and improving the materials along the way.
In fact, new salespeople in a company with this in place are ready to start making sales 3-4 months earlier than they would otherwise be.

Sales Tool

sales tool


Sales tool